About Us

Becerra PhotographyThe Ramey Family, together with St. Innocent Winery, own and operate Zenith Vineyard.  We purchased the property in 2002 from Pat O’Connor, the founder of O’Connor Vineyards, as it was then known.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to Pat (and Patti who sadly passed away in 2002 before we could meet).  The O’Connors were great stewards of the land, and we strive to continue as grateful caretakers of this beautiful place.

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Tim, by day, is a securities analyst covering the food and beverage sector, and manages the vineyard operations.   When we bought the vineyard nine years ago it had 60 acres under vine.  Under our management we have removed 35 acres of vines and planted 53 acres  so have 78 acres planted, 70 are in production.  

We are proud to be entrusted with such a lovely part of the earth and pledge to think of the long-term benefit of the land in everything we do.  Our goal is to help the vineyard achieve great balance and to provide “beautiful origins” for the fruit that becomes Zenith, St. Innocent and other great wines.
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Kari manages the wedding and events business and was the interior designer of the Zenith Vineyard events facility.  She is the keeper of the aesthetic standard and does most of the client contact.  Kari is an outstanding resource for events and knows everybody in the Oregon Wedding and Events community.  She will help you make your day at Zenith truly outstanding.

Pedro Martinez, who has been with the vineyard for 18 years, is our farm manager.  Pedro is extremely knowledgeable about the farm and we have tremendous confidence in his ability.   
We strive for excellence in the vineyard, and while that goal is elusive, we are blessed with a wonderful site, the perfect climate for Pinot Noir, and willing and able bodies to help make it all happen. Cheers!