Event Wine List

Zenith Vineyard proudly provides the wines for your wedding and event. 

We feature Zenith Vineyard wines, our partner, St. Innocent’s wines, as well as the wines of other local vineyards and wineries.  Expect to see a list of perhaps ten wines, products of the Oregon wine community with a reasonable selection of sparkling, White and Red.  Our goal is for your guests to have an authentic Oregon winery experience, so you won’t see an Asti Spumante on the list.  As a part of your event contract you will have a minimum wine purchase of one case of wine per forty guests.

Some wine math:  One bottle = 750 ml = 25.4 oz.  One glass of still wine is about 150 ml, or 5 oz.  One glass of sparkling wine (we use a tall chimney glass) is about 100 ml or 3.5 oz.  So for each case of still wine, expect to get about 55 glasses; for each case of sparkling wine, expect to get about 90 glasses.   Our one case per 40 guest minimum equates to about 1.4 glasses of wine per person.

We hope you will agree that our list provides the breadth of wines that you will want for your event, at a wide range of price points.  The list is constantly evolving as Oregon wines are most often made in small production lots.

White Wines


2013 Elemental Cellars, Zenith Vineyard
$24 per bottle, $288 per case.
Auxerrois is a white grape that is indigenous to the Alsace region of France – a steely cool climate varietal that is not at all widely planted in North America.  Zenith grows these grapes for Elemental Cellars – the side project of Steven Westby – winemaker at  Witness Tree Vineyard.   The wine is fermented dry in stainless steel and then aged in neutral oak barrels.  This richly-textured wine offers flavors of apple and pear, beautifully balanced by crisp, refreshing acidity and minerality.  12.9% alcohol.


2011 Zenith Vineyard
$30 per bottle, $360 per case 
The 2011 Vintage was the latest-ever for Oregon and we harvested our Dijon clone Estate Chardonnay on November 2nd.  The cool 2011 vintage yielded pleasing fruit with ample acidity.  Yield was 2.8 tons per acre with a large set on the vines.  The Estate Chardonnay, from 15 year old vines was barrel-fermented and aged for 10 months in 27% new French oak.  We love the balance of tropical fruit notes, crisp acidity and a silky finish.  180 cases produced.  Alcohol 12.6%. 

Pinot Gris

2012 St Innocent Vitae Springs Vineyard
$28 per bottle, $336 per case  2013 White Veil Pinot Noir
The 2012 Pinot gris, Vitae Springs Vineyard has concentrated ground spice notes and a bit of chili pepper-like heat along with pear, apple, melon, and hints of orange peel aromas. Apple, pear, white flowers and melon flavors are backed by a core of minerality.  Backed by a strong backbone of fresh acidity, its fruit is balanced with spice and minerals. Completely dry, it is both textural and persistent in the mouth. Bottled in June with a bit of CO2, its fruit will continue to evolve for many months. It is a great match for salmon, pork, fish, and Asian-influenced foods and dishes with spicy notes. This style of Pinot gris will develop well over time and can be aged 6-8 years..  Alcohol 13.9%

White Pinot Noir

2013 Zenith Vineyard White Veil
$24 per bottle, $288 per case
White Pinot Noir? White Veil is traditional Pinot noir, harvested earlier than normal, on September 15th when the acids are crisp and the fruit is just reaching maturity. White Veil is 100% Zenith Vineyard Estate Pinot noir; 80% Pommard clone and 20% clone 777. 2.6% residual sugar, and the wine was not allowed to go through malolactic fermentation. It has bright acidity and beautiful fruit to match! 150 cases produced. 10.4% ABV.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir


2012 Zenith Vineyard Barrel Select
$40 per bottle, $480 per case 
Zenith’s 2012 vintage was beautiful from the start to the finish.  We harvested our Barrel Select Pinot Noir on October 7th, 10th and 11th in perfect conditions achieving optimum ripeness and flavor development.  These are lush concentrated wines with opulent fruit and excellent acidity.  Yield was very low at 1.8 tons per acre.  The 2012 Barrel Select Pinot noir is 50% Pommard clone; 24% clone 667; 17% clone 114; and 9% Waidenswil.  It aged for sixteen months, one-third in new French oak.  147 cases produced.  14.6% alcohol.


2012 Zenith Vineyard
$30 per bottle, $360 per case   
Zenith’s 2012 vintage was beautiful from the start to the finish. We harvested on October 26th in perfect conditions achieving optimum ripeness and flavor development. Yield was 3.3 tons per acre. The Estate Tempranillo was aged for 16 months in 27% new American oak. We indulge our fascination with producing world-class Tempranillo in the Willamette. This classic Spanish varietal delivers new qualities grown in the Eola-Amity Hills. We love its bright fruit and brawny tannic backbone with a kiss of vanilla from the American oak. 180 cases produced.  Alcohol 12.6%.


Wetzel Estate

2011 Wetzel Estate Rose
$30 per bottle, $360 per case 
Wetzel Estate 2011 Rose sparkling wine is made from a 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.   Each bottle undergoes a secondary fermentation to create the tiny bubbles.  The wine has a pale salmon color, with hints of strawberries, baking yeast, and a touch of toasted bread in the bouquet. The bright acid profile of this wine accentuates the yeasty and toasted almond finish.  This wine would pair beautifully with shellfish, poultry, salmon or any other well-seasoned foods.  Alcohol: 12.5%.