Zenith Vineyard Block Map

Zenith Vineyard Block Map

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Zenith Vineyard is 133 acres in total, with 77.5 acres planted to vine.  All of the vineyard has drip irrigation, except blocks 3, 4, 6-C, 6-D, 6-E and 6-F. Our entire vineyard is planted on grafted rootstock.
We grow:

  • Pinot Noir – 62.1 acres
  • Pinot Gris  –  7.2 acres
  • Pinot Blanc – 0.8 acres
  • Chardonnay – 3.3 acres
  • Auxerrois  –  3.3 acres
  • Tempranillo  – 0.8 acres

In Spring of 2012 we planted 2.6 acres of Auxerrois in block two near the parking lot and 0.24 acres of waidenswil clone Pinot noir.  We are building the trellis to prepare to plant 2.2 acres of clone 95 Chardonnay (block 2-F) and 2.4 acres of Pinot Noir clone 4407.  After that we will have approximately 8 acres that are “fallow” for future development having removed phylloxerated vines from in 2008 and 2002.

Our terrific block map is by Jordan Thomas with Everyvine… check our our Zenith Vineyard image and information there too.