Wedding Wine List

Zenith Vineyard 2008 Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard proudly provides the wines for your wedding and event.  We feature Zenith Vineyard wines, our partner, St. Innocent’s wines, as well as the wines of other local vineyards and wineries.  Expect to see a list of perhaps ten wines, products of the Oregon wine community with a reasonable selection of sparkling, White and Red.  Our goal is for your guests to have an authentic Oregon winery experience, so you won’t see an Asti Spumante on the list.  As a part of your event contract you will have a minimum wine purchase of one case of wine per forty guests.

Some wine math:  One bottle = 750 ml = 25.4 oz.  One glass of still wine is about 150 ml, or 5 oz.  One glass of sparkling wine (we use a tall chimney glass) is about 100 ml or 3.5 oz.  So for each case of still wine, expect to get about 60 glasses; for each case of sparkling wine, expect to get about 90 glasses.   Our one case per 40 guest minimum equates to about 1.5 glasses of wine per person.

We hope you will agree that our list provides the breadth of wines that you will want for your event, at a wide range of price points.  The list is constantly evolving as Oregon wines are most often made in small production lots.

The Zenith Events Wine List our offerings at present… subject to availability and prior sale.