Zenith Vineyard proudly provides the wines for your wedding and event.

We are thrilled to offer you a beautiful complement of eight Zenith Vineyard wines for your wedding or event. Our goal is for you and your guests to have an authentic Oregon wine experience, so you won’t see a Cabernet Sauvignon or Asti Spumante on the list.  Our policy calls for Zenith to provide all of your wine for your event - your caterer will provide the beer, and if you wish cocktails. You may not ever bring your own alcohol to Zenith Vineyard.

Some wine math:  One bottle = 750 ml = 25.4 oz.  One glass of still wine is about 150 ml, or 5 oz.  One glass of sparkling wine (we use a tall champagne flute) is about 100 ml or 3.5 oz.  So for each case of still wine, expect to get about 55 glasses; for each case of sparkling wine, expect to get about 90 glasses.   Our one case per 40 guest minimum equates to about 1.4 glasses of wine per person. In general we find that a good rule of thumb is 2.25 - 2.75 glasses per person on a Saturday event and 2.0-2.5 glasses on other nights of the week. Your leftover wines are yours to take home!

White Wines


2016 Zenith Vineyard
$27 per bottle, $324 per case.
  Passion for Auxerrois! We have grown Auxerrois at Zenith since 1999 (the oldest block in Oregon) and love its remarkable golden fruit. In 2012 we planted an additional 2.5 acres and this is our third vintage from the new blocks. Our Auxerrois was harvested perfectly ripe on September 13th, whole-cluster pressed and the golden juice was fermented in a large French oak cask and used French oak barrels. It was aged for nine months, completing malolactic fermentation and bottled with no fining and only a light filtration. 285 cases produced. 14.2% ABV.

17 Chard Front.jpg


2017 Zenith Vineyard
$36 per bottle, $432 per case  
Zenith’s 2017 vintage was spectacular. We harvested on October 10th in perfect conditions achieving optimum ripeness and flavor development. The Estate Chardonnay, from 21 year old Dijon clone vines, was barrel-fermented in French Oak, 25% new. We love the balance of tropical fruit notes, crisp acidity and a silky finish. 92 cases produced.

Alcohol 12.9%. 

Pinot Gris

2014 Zenith Vineyard
$24 per bottle, $288 per case  
Zenith’s 2014 Pinot Gris was harvested on September 24th in perfect conditions from Zenith block 3-E. The grapes were pressed whole-cluster and the juice was cold fermented in stainless steel at 60 degrees. The fermentation was stopped just short of dry at 0.9% residual sugar, and the wine was not allowed to go through malolactic fermentation. It has a rich and beautiful fruit signature with bright acidity, a pH of 3.2 and total acidity of 6.3 g/l. 430 cases produced. 12.5% ABV.

ZV 2017 WVB Front.JPG

2017 Zenith Vineyard, White Veil Blushed

$24 per bottle, $288 per case.  
Zenith White Veil Blushed is made from 100% Pinot noir, the same grape used for Oregon’s famous red wines. By limiting the time the colored skins are in contact with the juice, we balance the richness of the skins with the fresh, vibrant character of the juice. The 2017 White Veil Blushed is 100% Estate Pommard Pinot noir. The grapes were destemmed and left in contact with the skins for 36 hours, then gently pressed. A long, cool fermentation in stainless steel is stopped just short of dryness to preserve the lovely fruit. 100 cases produced. 13.8% ABV.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir

ZV 2015 PN BS Front.JPG

2015 Zenith Vineyard Barrel Select
$40 per bottle, $480 per case

Zenith’s 2015 vintage was early, ripe and beautiful! Weather was warm and perfect throughout. We harvested our Barrel Select Pinot Noir on September 15th. The Barrel Select Pinot noir is powerfully structured and will be a wine for the cellar as well as early enjoyment! It is 33% Waidenswil clone (blocks 1-I and 2-A); 25% clone 777 (block 5-A); 22% clone 677 (block 8-B) and 20% clone 114 (block 1-F). It was aged for 14 months in 25% new French oak barrels. 145 cases produced. 13.8% ABV.


2015 Zenith Vineyard
$30 per bottle, $360 per case   Zenith’s 2015 vintage was early, ripe and beautiful! Weather was warm and perfect throughout. We harvested our Tempranillo on October 6th, achieving beautiful ripeness and powerful flavor development. Yields were normal at 3.1 tons per acre. The Estate Tempranillo was aged for 15 months in 20% new American oak. We indulge our fascination with producing world-class Tempranillo. This classic Spanish varietal delivers new qualities grown in the Eola-Amity Hills. We love its bright fruit and brawny tannic backbone with a kiss of vanilla from the American oak. 185 cases produced. 13.4% ABV..


2015 Zenith Vineyard – Méthode Champenoise

$32 per bottle, $384 per case  

Bubbles have become a new tradition at Zenith! Our 2015 Méthode Champenoise is 53% Chardonnay Espiguette clone 352 and 47% Pinot noir Pommard clone; harvested early on September 2nd to capture delicate flavors and bright acidity. The Méthode Champenoise is produced in the traditional method; after bottling it spends two years on the lees and was hand-riddled and disgorged with its secondary fermentation in the bottle. 95 cases produced. 13.4% ABV. .