Zenith Vineyard farms 83 acres of vines and 85% of our fruit is custom-farmed under long-term contracts for our eighteen winery clients

St. Innocent Winery

St. Innocent is our partner in the vineyard as a 25% owner of Zenith and also is our partner in the winery. St. Innocent buys Pinot noir from the vineyard and began making Zenith Vineyard designated wine in 2006; St. Innocent made O’Connor Vineyard (the previous name of the vineyard) wines from 1989 – 1998. Mark Vlossak, St. Innocent’s President and winemaker, makes our Zenith Vineyard wines as well. We are Mark’s biggest fans. Some of the most impressive Zenith wines (and biggest scores) have come from St. Innocent. Zenith farms 15.4 acres of Pinot noir for St. Innocent.

Elk Cove Vineyards

We first worked with Adam Campbell in 2016 and we are thrilled to be providing a significant amount of fruit to Elk Cove both for a planned vineyard-designate but also their Pike Road label. Zenith farms 8.5 acres for Elk Cove.

Adelsheim Vineyard

We began working with David Adelsheim and Dave Paige in 2005. Adelsheim makes spectacular wines including, since 2008, a Zenith Vineyard Pinot noir that sells for $105 per bottle! David Adelsheim was one of the “first five” pioneers of the Oregon wine industry. It is a source of great pride for Zenith to work with Adelsheim Vineyard and Ponzi Vineyard – two of the first five of the Oregon Pinot noir pioneers. Zenith farms 11 acres for Adelsheim Vineyard and is their largest partner vineyard.

Ponzi Vineyards

Ponzi was one of the founding families of the Oregon wine industry, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner winery sourcing Pinot noir and Pinot gris. Luisa Ponzi carries on the family tradition of making wines of great finesses. Zenith farms 7.5 acres for Ponzi.


Now in our fifth year working with Zenith, Sineann Is sourcing 3.8 acres of Pinot noir.  Sineann has made really exciting single-vineyard designates from Zenith in 2014 and 2015. We are big fans of Peter Rosback and we're so pleased that he is working with Zenith fruit!

Broadley Vineyards

In 2008 we planted two acres of Pinot noir under a ten year contract with Broadley Vineyards. We have long been fans of the Broadley wines and appreciate partnering with Morgan, Jessica, Claudia and Craig. They make a spectacular Zenith Vineyard designated Pinot as well.

Domaine Nicholas Jay

We are thrilled to be working with Jean-Nicolas Meo, Jay Boberg and Tracy Kendall on this exciting project with one of the great winemakers of Burgundy working with Oregon Pinot noir! Now in our fourth year of the collaboration, we are farming 2.3 acres of Pinot noir for DNJ. 

Grochau Cellars

John Grochau has been purchasing Pinot noir from Zenith since 2009 and makes a lovely Zenith Vineyard designated Pinot noir. We farm 2.2 acres of Pinot noir for John. 

Soter Vineyards

We are in our third year working with Soter on 2.4 acres of Chardonnay and are thrilled to have our juice in their amazing wines!

Archery Summit

We love working with this high prestige property - we farm four acres of Pinot Gris for Archery Summit

Les Brebis

Ray Shaffer is making some lovely Pinot noir from Zenith Vineyard fruit and we hear there will be a Zenith Vineyard Designate from the 2016 vintage. We farm 1.2 acres for Ray.

Franchere Wine Company

Mike Hinds has purchased Zenith for four years and he is making a beautiful Zenith Vineyard designate. We farm 0.9 acres for Franchere Wine Co.

Seufert Winery

Jim Seufert has an exciting winery in Dayton and is producing lovely Pinot noir from Zenith Vineyard fruit – including a Zenith Vineyard designate. Visit his very cool winery in “downtown” Dayton. We farm 1.1 acres for Jim.

Vincent Wine Co

Vincent Fritzsche Makes a wonderful vineyard-designated Zenith Pinot from 0.53 acres of block 6-G.

Redhawk Winery

Redhawk sources 0.8 acres of Pommard Clone Pinot Noir from Zenith and makes an outstanding Zenith Vineyard designate!  We love working with Betty and John Pataccoli on this project!

Raptor Ridge

We couldn't be happier to have Scott and Annie Shull working with our Auxerrois!

Elemental Cellars

Steven Westby, for his Elemental Cellars label, has been making Auxerrois from Zenith Vineyard fruit since 2008. Block 6-D – 0.72 acres is the oldest block of this Alsatian white varietal in Oregon!

Silas Wines

Sources 0.8 acres of Pinot blanc from Zenith starting in 2015. We are thrilled to be working with Tony Makward and Kelly Kidneigh on this project.